enero 19, 2010



Check if a contact on your msn is a spammer

enero 12, 2010

Three little pieces of advice to detect spam contacts on messenger

1. If your recently added msn contact tells you to use your credit card on any website, but the service is free… that’s a con, they’ll get the money from your card, whether it be on “legal” or illegal ways. By legal i mean subscribing you to pay a monthly fee, and illegal… well, they’ll leave your bank account empty

2. Check if the message you get when someone is typing (like “yetta is writing”) shows up inmediately once you type enter to send your message. It means it’s a bot sending messages automatically. It’ll get a few seconds to send you the message, to simulate that there is someone typing on the other side.

2. Ask things that go a bit away from the topic, like a/s/l or “are you alone now?” or “what time are you online?”

With these little tips you’ll always catch spammers, for sure!